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Two semesters down, 1 more to go, Then....rotations!

Me Gusta.


La De Da

So for some strange reason I joined an intramural soccer team. Thing is, I'm actually kind of OK at it and it's actually A LOT of fun. We're doing pretty well so far.

School's going well. Naked people drawing class, or uhhh Art 205, is kind of awkward.

Chemistry is going to kill me.

It snowed and then iced, then snowed again, so we pretty much haven't had classes for the last three days. Yes! I'd forgotten how much fun it was to sled down ice-covered hills. Except for the part where you crash face-first into a car bumper at the end. Yeah, that one hurt a little.
So I'm moving back to school in like three days. I'm actually kind of worried about this year, I already know I'm gonna wanna put a gun to my head or go to the stress therapist...again. Yeehaw anxiety! I am pretty excited about my sweet suite though, def pretty pumped about seein my friends again. I'm on the football player floor, by the way, so that either means that I'm gonna go to some amazing parties, or I'm gonna get staph, maybe both. I'm living with my roomie-4-lyfe Lauren, and then in a suite with that pole dancin' ho Kristin, Krista's giant brain, Michelle, and Yolien of the dance parties.

I've been hangin out with Elyse a lot lately. She's like one of the only people from home that I still hang out with. Pretty much everyone else who's still here just annoys me. We got tattooes yesterday, Elyse got a lily on her back and I got "carpe diem" on my hip. I like it a lot, it's just a baby tattoo, maybe the size of a matchbook. Elyse's is flippin huge.

I'm so bored. My last day of babysitting was on Friday. In retrospect I'm really glad I took this job, even though at the beginning I was pretty pissed about waking up at 6:30 every morning. It's taught me a lot, namely, that I definately DON'T want to be a pediatrician. No way in HELL. It's plastic surgery now. No screaming kids.

Classes this semester-
Plant Bio 303
Physiology 204
Honor's Lit 301
Chemistry 131
Faid 200


The One With Imminent Homeworky Death

Dear LJ,

AYUDAME!!! The waves of papers and research are crashing down on my brain. My lungs fight for the oxygen of FREEDOM. I am drowning in a sea of homework.


The One With Parents Weekend

Mom and Dad came down this weekend for parents weekend. It was fun. We ate a lot, explored a lot, and got lost a lot and almost got killed by like 15 deer. Fucking deer. I need my .12 gauge.

In other news....I have gotten my roommate addicted to NUGGS!!!


The One With Sternwheel

Classes are going well...I'm only taking 14 credit hours...they better be freakin going well. I didn't get the work study job; apparently they found someone they liked more...kiss my ass. Oh well, it's 13 hours a week that I won't be contemplating suicide now. w00tw00t. Instead I went to the hospital to look for a volunteer job and got one right off the bat. They're putting me in the emergency room to do some kind of job. It's really neat because being a part of this, I have to go to seminars where I actually get basic medical training on the side. NEAT-O! I start Thursday and I'm so excited I could scream.

My floormates are...interesting. We've got Alex and Krista at the far end, they're polar opposites and it's quite funny. Alex is 5'11 3/4" and REALLY talkative and Krysta who's a lot shorter, and....not as talkative as Alex LOL. Across from them are Harmony and Holly; Harmony's an art major rockin the emo bangs (she can literally only see out of one eye), and I never even knew who Holly was until a couple of days ago (she's just...never there). Across from them are Katie and Sarah. Katie is the only girl here who gives me a run for the biggest boobs on the floor contest. Sarah is so much like Sarah Snyder it's SCARY. They party A LOT. Across from them are Chelsea and Hana; Chelsea is Harry Potter and yaoi OBSESSED...we're in the anime club together, lol. Hana is a Chinese exchange student who is...quite unique. Yeaaaah. Unique. Across from them are Yolein and Abby...who pretty much don't talk. Next to them are Aislyn and Celia who are nice, but I never see them cuz they're always out partying. Next to them are Jenni and Lauren. Lauren's pretty nice, she's got wicked allergies though. Jenni is pretty much the coolest person I've ever met. She changed my life. Across from those two are Hope and Christina; Hope's like 4'11" and reminds me of an oompa loompa sometimes (The Burton kind, not the orange kind) and Christina, who's a pimp. Next to them are Erika and Allison, who are really neat and also...NEVER THERE. Across from her are Kristen and Amy. Kristen's a dancer who take the pole jokes really well and Amy is getting hit on by anything with a penis. The Honorary members of the floor (By virtue of the fact that they're ALWAYS HERE) are: Phil (He's got a mullet. HAR!), Max (He may just bomb the Senate building. I'm not kidding), Gavin (Who plays awesome guitar and reminds me of all my goth friends I left at home), and Ben (Little Benny!).


We all went to Sternwheel last night, which is pretty much an orgy of river water, fireworks, and grease. LOVES IT.

I'm talking to Ally right now on MSN. Does she ever shut up? I think not. Apparently she hasn't worn herself out screwing the entire floor yet, though. JK....LOVE YA, NUKKA!

Woohoo! Ally and I are both coming home this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it. Keep it quiet, ya'll, so we can surprise everyone...and not piss people off when we don't visit them. >_>


The One With (Real) College!

On Thursday Mom, Dad, and I moved down to Marietta. I met my roommate and my floormates. At first I felt really left out because all of the other girls got there a week before me because they're in the leadership program, so they were all best friends and I felt like a complete stranger. The campus was confusing and I hadn't quite gotten over peeing in front of people yet. I spent most of that first night crying and wanting to go home, lol. They've kept us too busy to do any damn thing but socialize and sleep.

Lucky...things change! Yesterday I started my first class (and got homework too...WTF?) and got to know the campus better and met all the girls. Today we went to North bend state park for some kind of team building thing. As gay as orientation is...I gotta admit it really does help with all the awkwardness of being new. But I've made peace with the fact that I wont be best friends with all these people right off the bat. Things get easier when you realize that.

Mom and Dad left for home today and I didn't cry til I got in my car cuz I'm hardcore like that. I'm ok now...actually really liking this place. I'm starting to feel like I do belong...as corny as that sounds. Things are looking good so far. I've got my cable hooked up, an air-conditioning unit, internet, my roommate and I are getting along, I've got my ID necklace, and my homework is done. Life's Good!

One of the girls down the hall is completely, utterly obsessed with Harry Potter. We shared our love for A Knight's Tale.

A girl from a floor below me is from LCC. We bonded over our Lima-ness.

I've started eating again! Hurrah!

Must learn to poo in public without being embarassed...

Planning on coming home on Sept. 14


The One With The Mother Of All Recaps

On May 11-15 I was in Florida getting skin cancer and hooching it up. We visited Matt's college and met his roommates - pretty cool dudes. Went to St. augustine, which the nerd in me loved. Had my 18th birthday on May 19th at the meeting place. I drink so many WCCM's that I may, myself, be becoming a walking cup of coffee. Mom made a smiley cake for me by hand, I loves it. I'm not even touching on the pirate hats and swords haha. Am set on Vera Bradley for life. Got my personal bible at Church on the 20th and the next day partied it up with Ally and Blair and their various himbo's and then later went to Alexa's and had a fun fun bonfire. Had our last day of school on the 22nd...best bday present EVER! Graduated on the 26th and nearly started crying when that firecrotch Elyse did. I'm a brick wall! The last day of college was on June 5nd THANK GOD. Visited Marietta for enrollment days on the 13th and 14th and got my schedule, password, and everything...flippin awesome! From the 18th through the 27th I was in europe and it was so amazing...easily the best vacation I've ever been on. The day after I got home Mom and Dad went to Honey Run for their anniversary and we all got a taste of the empty nest. Went to Rush with ally and didn't get shanked, mugged, or raped. Hurrah! Ally went to Panama city on the 9th and came back still a virgin. The Harry Potter movie came out and I cried at Sirius' DOOM. Went to Cedar Point the next day and then went again a week later. Rode the awesome Maverick and got a tan! w00tw00t. Went to Columbus with Ally for the Harry Potter book 7 release party and nerded it up the whole night. Had the book read within 20 hours of getting it. SIRIUSSSSSS!!!! 2 more weeks of work thank you God! XD

1 more month til I leave for college...you have no idea how excited I am.


The One With What You Say?!

Here's your million dollar question: Who just got a 30 on their act?

Me, bitches. Me.

Senior Year is a joke

School is just...so easy. I joked that it was like kindergerten but I didn't realize how right I'd be. I dropped algebra II like a bad habit and picked up psychology. In which we do nothing. I mean...literally...nothing. Mr. Best played some music while we debated over the best volleyball formations anddid trivia on the little league world series. I'm taking business math at Rhode's now. Yay. Hell...it's still better than Algerba II :P.

So now I'm doing psych, lit, art, yearbook. Next semester is photography, lit, yearbook, soc. OMG...BEST YEAR EVAR.

Speaking of Rhodes...they suck so much. I got two letters form them today, one saying that my school fee's were due and the other saying that I ha to register for licensing exams because of my allied health major. For one, any document that has my name on it blatantly says PSEOP, dumasses. Put two and two together. For two, I'm an undecided major at least 2 years away from any licesning.

How often are those morons hitting the bong?

Ally should come with me to OSU on October 20. She won't call me back or return my messages. I think she's ignoring me because she knows I'll mack on the mens better than she will.

My Haha for the day was a letter taped on the box of candles in the store room at work:

"Dear whoever,
Don't be a moron and put hot candles in the box. The wax gets everyhwere. Don't be a mudduck or a dumb@$$. If we see you doing this, we will hunt you down and everyone with hate your soul forever."


The One With An Observation

Have you noticed this with your dad, Ally? Elyse says she's seein it with her Mom.

Something I've noticed lately is that my parents have been...well...clingy. as is clingy TO ME. This is not a bad thing! And I'm not saying it is...it's just kind of...sudden and out-of-nowhere. Like Mom is talking about me and her taking mini-roadtrips to Kenton and Findlay and stuff. And Dad keeps hugging me and telling me he's proud of me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It's actually kind of nice, ya know, feeling loved...but damn if this is COMPLETELY out of left fucking field. I'm betting it's the whole college-planning-and-visitations-make-them-realize-how-close-i-am-to-actually-moving-out-and-not-being-their-little-girl-anymore thing.

Took Alex to the vet on Thursday. The little effer was so Panic'd! that he was actually panting. And he made poopy and peepee in mom's truck. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA (...am glad it wasn't my car...)

Went to Cedar Point with the youth group on Friday. Elyse and Ally didn't go cuz they're biznitches. HOT MEN LIKE TEH WOAH! There was a guy there that could've passed for Heath Ledger's younger brother...I wanted to jump his bones...I mean just hop right over that guard rail and BAM! SMEX!....Katie is my new bff cuz she made sure i sat by some real hotties. :D The lines were fabulously short; I mean litterally, we WALKED right onto the Magnum, Gemini, Meanstreak, and Blue Streak. We only waited 20 minutes to get on the Millenium. FANTACULAR!!!

Ally came over on Saturday to shoot the shit while our parentals got drunk. We took the truck and went to Applebee's to celebrate Krysta's birthday with Matt and Elyse. Found out some thigs about Matt I'd rather not have known...but whatev!!!....*bleaches brain*

Started a new diet on the 8th. Am eating like half of what I used to and exersizing. YEY!...Finding it hard to stick to everyday exersizing...MUST BE THIN FOR SENIOR PICTURES!!!! I WILL BE SKINNAY!!!! *pukes*

Got an App for Shawnee Country Club...OH BUDDY!!!! XDXDXD $10/HOUR!


What a Vacay!

Went to Colorado on Monday and got there about 6, wherein we proceeded to eat dinner (Asgood Rockholds SHOULD do). Our waiter was from Jamaica and he was nice but frankly I couldn't understand wtf the man was saying. Daddy rented a converatble mustang and we were hot shit next to the...BMW's and Mercedes Benz's. Whatev. SEXY. The next day we went to the Air Force Academy to watch teh cadet parade and..............there are no words. "Sexy", "Brilliant", "Worth-the-bootcamp", all come in to mind...But I digress...All the guys were extremely polite, smart, sexy, and in shape oh Ally, your standards would have been met TENFOLD. It was delicious and brillaint. The parade, I mean. *cough*. After the parade Jim-Jam took us on a tour of the AFA and did you know that they have the biggest collegiate library in the country? SIX EFFIN FLOORS, each as big as the Lima Public Library. Then we all went to dinner and I cut the night short by puking all over the table. Very subtle of me, I know. Daddy had diarrhea, Mom felt like poop, Gma, Gpa, Tim, Peg, Valorie, Marsha, and Jim-Jam all got sick as well. It's the Harts, I'm telling you. Literary, without fail...whenever we're around them SOMEONE gets sick. Spent the night puking...very lame way to spend a perfectly good Tuesday night. The next day was Jim-Jam's graduation and my health was revived by the Sexy. Uhhhhhhh-huh----huhhhh----hhhuuuuuuuh. Sorry. Must control myself. The next day we rode up the Cog Rail to Pike's Peak which has slap-yo-ho-up-awesome scenery. Was feeling very lathergic at 14,011 feet. Took very long nap while Dad drove out in the Stang and spied on the rich people. The next day we flew to Dallas and got first-class seats on the ride to Columbus plus vouchers as a sorry-we-fucked-up present from American Airlines for overbooking our original flight. First Class = I could get used to it. We sat next to a very nice but very talkative and borderline creepy lady from southern Ohio whokept scratching her butt and needed dental work. On the plane I sat next to a real nice lady from dallas and troy named cindy and it was cool. We got home at 1 and I vegged straight to bed. Today Iwent to elyse's house and showed her her man-twin (just ask me, ill show it) then went to the twins' birthday party which was great fun, till i had to leave to go to brian's to babysit, then got lost and somehow ended up in Stix-ish Shawneethen to Sylvia's to sit through elyse's and sylvia's mental masturbation to Hugh Jackman. And now I am home.

The kids love you, Ally. Jenna actually said she liked you better cause you were nicer O_O. Igot out my phone and she asked me if i was doing my blood sugar. And she says you're 4-years-old, too.

Got the final grade cards back...3.6 for the year and 3.32 Cumulative, baby! Finished with A art, A Government, B+ Math, B+ Ba-ology, A Ho ec., B College Comp, A- American Lit. Seriously considering dropping chemistry next year in order to secure a 4.0 (I'd only be taking Great Works and Alegebra II). Mmmm....I <3 Slackation. (Dee: "What does <3 mean? Less than 3? What?")

Can't get the Air Force Song outta my head...you know...Buuuuuum buh buh buuuum buh buh bumbum buh buh buuummm....

The One With Marietta

Marietta sent me an entire application packet, they're waving the registration fee and the essay requirement. Anyone think I should apply?

They just want my money.

I love them.

My 3 main choices right now are OSU, CWRU, or Marietta. OSU's a little big for my liking, CWR's in Cleveland and cleveland = scary, and Marietta's kind of far away.

Advice, anyone?


Nancy (Also known as Nan-Bon-Lynn, Nannee, Nantuckett, Nansketeer, Nanna-Boo-Boo, NancyFancyPants, and Chink-a-dink among other things) asked me to come along to watch her bed buddy's play at OSU-L. I said frikkin sweet and went along. Her friends are really cool, the good majority of them are manga freaks, too. We watched the play, which was well-acted but incredibly boring, then went to Rigali's to eat pizza and have odd conversations. Those bitches rock.

Had 2 moments this week where I made and ass of myself:

1.) Involved doing a side jump, hop, Irish jig heel-click thing, right as one of dads clients turned the corner and saw the whole thing. My explanation: "I'm Happy"

2.) Sylvia french braided my hair and when I quickly turned my head it would shmack me in the face. We were talking about the Da Vinci Code and the crazy monks so I start swinging my head back and forth saying "Look! I'm flagellating! I'm Self-flagellating!" And then I turn around and see my teacher just...looking at me like I've grown a third head.

Puppy-sitting Pepper, the neighbor dog. But probably won't be asked to again, as the one time I left him alone outside he claws huge, GAPING marks into the back door. How am I going to explain this one?

When I registered for the ACT, I also asked for an option where I was supposed to get back a very comprehensive review of my test. Itcost me 12 dollas. Know what I got? An answer sheet and my original test booklet. MUTHERFUCKER.

Talked to Elyse on the way home and she must have thought I was drunk of something because she said to me as I hung up "Make sure you eat a breath mint, k? And don't trip in the door. It's bad enough you're driving". Silly Lee. <3


The One With Prom 2006

Prom night was great! The fam came over and took pictures and then Lee and I headed over to Sibs' house to fuck around for a while. We met up with lindsay, denielle, and hottie bf of Denielle and ate at Las Palmas. We then went to Prom and acutally it was kind of boring. We only had like half of the gym to move around it and they crammed a DJ booth, a drinks table, a big picture place, and tables in it so there was only an area to dance in about the smaller than Ally's house for probably 100 people. It was just cramped. Pretty, though.
Stayed there for about 2 hours then vacatedto Sbis' house where we fucked around the bonfirefor about 4 hours. I rode in and on the mule at top speed for a long time and it was fun cause sibs' dad on his 4-wheeler was pushing us around and kept faking like he would run into us and did a couple of times (just a gentle nudge tohugh, the man knew what he was doing). I got to ride with him through the mud pit and we almost got stuck and I fell off when we did so my butt was mudded tohell. Then Lindsay took her truck through the pit and barely made it and it was great. Casie showed up. Rrowll.

We's SEXY!
They really do speak Mexican there!
You can't take your pretty eyes away from me
In the tunnel at Prom Wheee!!!!
Cute little couple, aren't they?
Jesus and Chong made an appearence
Just missed the flame part. Zac is an idiot.
Made the whole party worth going to, baby.
Is Lee flippin us off? Sibs in an ex-trapezist.
See? It's not only Ally and I that have big molestation parties.
Cute bitches.
Just anexcuse to get a picture of the blonde sex-bomb.
Hung out with Lee on Thursday cause Mami and Papi left me for Illinois and West Virginia and Matty.

Then on Friday night they bitches came over again. Ally and I fucked around the mall for a while and got prom jewelry and I realized that I need to lay OFF OF THE FUCKING ZEBRA CAKES. Were gonna get shitfaced, but Ally didn't want any more than a mudlisde, Elyse has Saturday School AGAIN, and I didn't feel like passing out at 11:30. We rented Jarhead and it was OK, mostly just because of Jake Gyllenhaal's hot nekkid ass, but I digress...So then we had a wholly enlightening conversation about Elyse's acidic-alkaline vagina and my amazing technicolor dream-crotch. Raaaght.Then the red-headed ho went home and Ally basically passed out.


So then Ally and I had to go to the school to pick up the camera from the Steidlnator and then we went to DEAL$ and then we tan for an hour and a half and I'm happily tanned-red-hopefullyskincancerfree. Ally is a mexican. On her periods, she bleeds ketchup.


Ice cream formal tomorrow.

Went to Pittsboigh on Wednesday to watch Matty gradyate. It wasreally fun and I couldn't be prouder! ...But Damn, if those shoes didn't hurt like bitches... Pace won the golden wrench! YEY!

So my parents have left me hom alone for 6 days in a segemnt of my life that I like to call a "Brief Exersize In Independence". Also known as...PARTY TIME! Had ally and elyse over, ally to stay the night, elyse to mooch my alcohol. Got really familiar with the vodka and an odd sensation of not being able to get up off the couch. Ally = funny. Elyse = DUI.

Drove all the way from JC to my house with my poor, abused CD player on my spoiler. Frankly I'm just suprised it stayed on. It would have still worked, too, if it hadn't been stuck outside in a THUNDERSTORM.

Completely and Utterly re-addicted to a show from my childhood, ronin warriors. So...many...mullets. But the show is actually really good! And the fanfiction! Whee! Ally, slap me!

Overslept till 11 today. I rolled over, looked at the clock, and just said..."Fuck".


The One With Kah-Ra-Tay

Note: Muscles...hurt...cramp...

Story: Sylvia has been talking about her karate class for a while now, so after nancy took the chance to take a free trial class, I did too. There are about 9 kids in the above 11 and up. Most are teenagers butone is about 50, but he cool, he my homeboy. Sylvia is a foriggin brown belt, too. I...I dont even have a "gi" yet to show off my sexy white belt :P. The two techers ended up going at eachother on the mat and I'm not kidding, those brown and black belters are fiznuckin crazy. It was pretty funny too, cause they werelike WHAM SLAM "sorry, you ok?" "Yeah" "ok...." WHAM! I learned some stances and blocks and felt allworst-ninja-every-y, and it was awesome. Ya'll need to try this shit.

Except elyse, who jsut happens to be a yellow belt...she could totally take you, so get the fuck back.

Totally going back on Monday.


Went to the foosball game today to take pictures for yearbook. Got soaked, but DID see my long lost neighbor jenny adams and her dad. The football team, it goes without saying, lost 2-8. They now are 0-9. :P

So after that we all decided to go to the haunted town hall in LaFayette. Matt and I got lost for about a half an hour, leaving Tara, Sara, and Elyse out in the cold, too. We went all the way to freaking beaverdam O_O. We finally got there after getting directions from one of the guys who works there and went in.

The first room was kind of a black-light office-y thing. The guy on the creepy-o-matic loudspeaker called me by name and we had a spiffy conversation and then he called elyse "alisha" and we went to the next door. DUN DUN DUN...

Go through the disorienting and pitch black feel-your-way-through zig-zagging hallways, into rooms with doors that open with people behind them and rooms with coffins, more zig-zagging, uneven floors, creepy TV's, staircases, hidden stairs, helpful "ghosts", and such, then down some stairs and you're free!

It was a good time. The haunted hall itself was pretty good (The management were great), but by far the best part was getting into one of the rooms before everyone did (I went in first into practically every room and hallway. Fuckers.) and seeing the ghosts hide behind walls to scare the rest of the group as they came through one-by-one.

Quote of the night: Matt, "Wait, wait! I have to tie my shoe! Move, you're in my light"

Gave PL her thank-you-for-babysitting-jenni present from mom. I do believe she'll like.

Went to the mall then the TB hospital with Matt, Ally, Liz, Tomm, Pace, and Brian. Uh...my thoughts on the TB hospital: Creepy 1st floor. After that (In The Sunshinny daytime) a little bit fun. Pace is one brave muthafooka, he just took off on his own away from the whole group. There was so much graffiti too, but some of it was funny like "Where Heff wiped out" with a faux body chalk mark. My recommendations: Go there in the daytime with Matt and Heff. Don't let them out of your site because they will sneak up on you, those fuckers. ;)

Much Love!

Happy 16 1/2th Birthday, Tara!!!



omgomgomgomgomg I GOT A 91% I CAN DRIVE NOW omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg







Friends Only


Went with ally, stacie, and mum to mohican yesterday. Showed ally the castle and headed over to the camgrounds where autumn, bonnie, bonnie's husband (cant remember name >.<), shari, and sammy were. Went shopping at coblentz' chocolate store, heini's cheese emporium, and a bakery. Ally and i gotbored so we startedtrying to teach sammy spanish and make faces at the people behind us. I think we shamed a menonite or something...crap.

Then we headed back to the campgrounds and swam in the pool (many many bugs in it) and hung around the fire for a while eating smores and fire-cooked pot roast. Then we headed home and allyandme weredoing wierd dances and making faces AGAIN at people through the windows. Ask me for a demonstration :D. Then we headed home and matt used my tooth brush AGAIN. Gah.

Ya...there's a guy talking to me on msn and wants to be friends. He says he's 25 and from singapore, so i think I'll talk to him for a while then block.He 's probably telling the truth but I REALLY dont like talking to people i dont know over the interent. One too many dateline specials, yo. :P

OGT scores are back!

Reading: Advanced
Math: Advanced
Writing: Accelarated
Science: Accelarated
Social studies: Advanced

Haha my scores pwn joo all! :P LMFAO
Dad took me out driving tonight, for 2 hours. We went boonie driving and im like...death gripping the wheel for fear of deers and we saw like 4. We drove past kenton and a buncha places. Then we snuck into the drive in theater (going In through the exit! :D) (It's called "the hi-Road Theater") and tuned our radio to 99.3 and watched monster in law for a while. Fun!

Friends Only, Biatches!


So ally came over on Friday night and the musical went smoothly. Elyse was there as well...but in the audience with tara and some others. Pictures of stage crew in all our sexiness can be found here: http://www.eventpix.com/guest/Events/event.taf?_function=imgdetail&cntr=5&view=list&nocache=604541

Found out that our school's doing an actual play next year...which is good for someone who can act...but not sing. Ally will also probably be in her junior class play.

Ally spent the night and we watched Mean Girls. Goo dtimes. Then we went to the Save Babies walkathon and walked almost 3 miles around the American Mall...We didn't even get mugged. Amazing.

Ladder 49 made me wanna cut. With a fire axe.

Skipped on the musical last night cause I was lazy. Missed Derek and Sarah getting fired...which I'm sure was funny :P. Also missed the blonde stepsister choking on her muffin XD.

FMA = cliche'd...but yet just so awesome. Apparently some of the walden's book stores released it early. Yet I still need to wait till the 8 to go cause that's allowance day and i want HotGimmick 1 and 2, FMA 1, and Grimm's Fairy Tales. Yeah. O_o Still need to get elyse her present. And casie's. And Derek's. Fuck. Yeah...Katie's getting my practically new Inuyasha 1 cause she wants it and i'm that poor. :P

So today's musical went best of all...stage crew even got to bow. Now if only I knew how to curtsy. Seriously.

Thinking of joining JSA simply because there's a guy I want to flirt with in it. Is that wrong?

Almost ran a red light and died today. Slammed on the breaks so hard all the shit in the back seat fell on the floor. XDXDXD

WTF? IT'S SNOWING? We SO better get a 2-hour delay for this...

The One With Manga Heaven

Just found out FMA vol.1 will be available on May 3rd...JOY! And it'll be about $8.99...DOUBLE JOY!!!

Ya'll can update your journals ANY day now, hear?
Today was great! Derek came to school with his hair straightened @_@. I'll post pics later. Andi kidnapped himat 7:30am, took him to school, and straightened it.

Back poker poked me in the back XD.

Yesterday WC talked to me. He was like "dont you wanna buy a spirit band?" (Jelly bracelet's our school's got out) and i was like "I dont have any money" and he was like "Bullcrap" and laughed. Oh...have you ever wanted to jump anybody MORE?

Got a ride home with Andi today. Girl drives like a maniac! I saw my life flash before my eyes and I might have a small case of whiplas. j/k. But it was worth gettinhome 20 minutes earlier than the bus.

Show tonight! But fuck, I cant go, cause my freakin ankle back still hurts and I cant wear shoes. Poo.

Getting a 97% in history! BOOYA!
GAH$#7y4 5u949u 955Y K&^EK W&* %6 kmu6 7!!!!!!! I have't had power for 3 days! Luckily enough my dad bought a generatorn so at least we've been warm. It guzzles gallon like a Mutchafucka! We turn it off at night though, and i woke up this orning at 7am and it was 50 degrees in the house. O_O. Poor Pee El though doesn't have anything! Her had to sleep near the fire place. Haven't heard from Ally.

On Wednesday at 7:30ish our power went buhbye. 30 minutes before Lost. Do you know how traumatizing that is? ;) Most people say urrbody should get their power back by Saturday...and as long as it's before 8'o'clock...ITS GOOD. I wonder if Ally had a seizure? My aunt Juju is staying with us cause she lives in a trailer and those don't get very good insulation.

I'm at my Dad's office right now, which has power and internet O_O. I'm silently squeeing.

Don't know how much longer can hold out....;) LOL

The One Where It All Goes Bare

Yo people! In the spirit of copying off Heffy, I've decided to commit LJ-dignity suicide. What I mean is, write anything you want about me, tell me da troof bitches!!! O_o


The One Where "The NEW Diet" Ends...

It started as:

Starting Point 9/14/04: 155 pounds
Ending Point 12/17/04 GOAL: 136 pounds
Pounds to lose: 19 pounds
Percentage Of Body (Fat) Mass To Lose: 12.2%
Date: 9/14/04

It ended as:

Starting Point 9/14/04: 155 pounds
Ending Point 12/17/04: 146 pounds
Pounds lost: 9 pounds
Percentage Of Body (Fat) Mass Lost: 5.8%
Date: 12/17/04

I was actually 152 pounds three days ago, but now im 146....YAY STREP! O_O yay only eating like....200 claories a day for fear of puking! O_O

Do you realize i haven't been in the 140's since early 8th grade? I guess all those anorexics are right...not eating really does make you lose weight quick...CRAP! MUST NOT BE ANOREXIC...;) lmao

*says this as is eating carbalicious cinnamon toast crunch*
I wore my rep outfit to skool today...hooker boots, skirt, shjoulder top and all. My fuckign hair wouldn't get crimpy though. We wrapped ankles today in A.T., but i got out of it by ignoring mr. howe when he kept tellign me to find a partner. He almost paired me up with andrea hines (BITCH) again, and we jsut looked at eachother, shook our heads and shuddered. LMAO.

Pl and some other people dressed like preps today and it scared me...Andi dressed like a goth, but she was a bad goth because she would NOT STOP SMILING.

Some little 9th grader whistled at me and his friends were like "hey will you go out with him"....i know it was a joke, but still. ASSES. 9th graders suck assssss!


Well, on Monday morning, casie btiched at me. She seemed really mad, and of coruse I dont know why. All i said to tara was that if she was a true friend, she wouldn't have done that, and she should feel really bad for it.

Then today we all pretty much ignored eachother, Katie said hi and tara asked me if i really was still obsessed with Rider Strong. Once again...whatever.

Me and the freshman were singing nasty girl on the bus :D

I was awatching my BMW tapes last ngiht and I ran into the MTV VMA's 2003, where AFI won for best new bad...I gave it to PL this morning and i think she squee'd.


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